New method to reduce noise in concrete mixing plant equipment

        Recently, noise pollution is also one of the main environmental pollution caused by concrete mixing plant, which will seriously affect the physical and mental health of the surrounding residents. Therefore, we also need to find effective approaches to reduce the concrete mixing plant equipment noise pollution.
       After a long period of practice, we Jianxin company through the improvement of the equipment itself, to briefly introduce several ways to reduce noise for everyone:
       To begin with, improving the manufacturing precision of mixing host tank: To research a set of perfect processing technology plan, and to improve the production precision of the host tank of mixing station so that the gap between the tank liner and the stirring blade can be up to 0.5mm below, which will avoid the gap is too large when stirring easy card stones screams. To some extent, concrete mixing station takes advantage of special boring machine to promote the two mixing shaft parallelism, in order to enhance the stability of the transmission system to reduce noise.
       Secondly, the development of new mixer reducer: Traditional concrete batching plant reducer in accordance with the construction machinery standard manufacturing precision is low with noise, which has been unable to meet the demands of the city concrete mixer machine. Consequently, using cross-sectoral design, putting the automotive industry reducer design ideas into mixing station. The use of spiral bevel tooth right angle transmission improves the precision of tooth shape manufacturing with the treatment of the surface nitriding. Moreover, the new type of mixer is operated stably and the noise is low.
       Thirdly, a new model of transmission system: The traditional concrete batching plant mixer drive system synchronization of the two stirring shaft in the low-speed end synchronization, resulting in a large synchronization torque. Furthermore, the new transmission system uses high-speed end synchronization with synchronization of small force, smooth running, and small noise.
       In addition, in the selection of mixing station construction site, it is as far as possible away from the crowd-intensive residential areas, as far as possible to choose the site in the suburbs and surrounding remote county, which may also minimize noise pollution to the minimum.